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Default Re: As Prices Fall, Blu-ray Players Are Invited Home

Originally Posted by larrymalc View Post
The more options the better (downloading on Blu-ray players), it will satisfy the "Ipod" generation while also keep people like myself who like to have something physical to hold on to and get a high end video/audio experience. By the way I haven't seen any of these new "3D HDTV's"; so a stupid question - will you still have to wear those 1950's glasses?
With the new 3D technologies you do have to wear glasses, but they are not like the '50s two color glasses.

3D effect is achieved by presenting a slightly different picture to each eye. The new technologies do this by sending a left eye-right eye image in two successive frames rather than using color filters of the '50s with double images in each frame. This allows people with vision in only one eye to watch the movie without seeing double images.

There are two competing technologies for 3D that do not use color glasses. The RealD system uses polarized lenses which alternate polarities between the two eyes. Every other frame is displayed with the corresponding polarity. The advantage of this system is the colors are not adversely altered by the use of colored glasses, however the image is dimmed a bit. Currently this is only available in theaters.

The other technology is shutter glasses where you are actually looking through a LCD panel on each eye and a signal is sent to the glasses in sync with alternating frames for the 3D effect. This is the way the Imax 3D works. The TV versions use an IR signal sent from the player or TV.

Intel has also developed a new color glasses method that is intended to be used for broadcast. Last season an episode of Chuck on NBC was broadcast using this system. The main difference from the '50s glasses is they used different filters that allowed the colors of the images to be effected far less. While it did do a better job on the colors, it still was pretty dopey compared to the polarized or shutter methods of 3D.
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