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Default Chirping sound from a subwoofer?

Howdy folks.

I upgraded to a Revel B12 subwoofer a couple of months back. It's an awesome subwoofer, with rich rumbling bass and a powerful, room-filling effect.

BUT I have noticed recently that is has a tendency to let out a little chirp sound when it powers up after a period of inactivity.

The B12 has an automatic mode which powers off the subwoofer when no LFE signals or crossover frequency signals of the specified range are transmitted to it. When it detects a frequency within the range it automatically switches back on and produces the required frequency. I've noticed that when it switches back on, it lets out a detectable chirp noise.

There is no mode for the sub to leave it powered on for the duration. Once you turn the power switch on, it goes into auto mode and if an LFE isn't detected after 20mins, it powers down, then back up again as required.

Revel tech support says this is normal, but it seems odd to me that a high-end subwoofer lets out a distracting bird chirp.

Anyone have similar experiences or suggestions on how to alleviate it?

I've currently got the crossover set to 120. Thanks!
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