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Default Comcast digital cable

I live in Brockton ma. and Comcast just switched over to all digital cable.For years I have been receiving all the local digital programs without a cable box.Last week when I lost some of the channels I did a channel scan with my Sony TV and got all the digital channels back.Two hours later the channels were analog and my TVs remote wouldn't change the channels.Comcasts free fix for the switch over is an analog cable box that looks horrible on my big screen TV.For $10.00 more a month I can get a digital cable box with a tuner that isn't as good as the Sonys.I have seen the picture it produces on other TVs.I filed a complaint with the BBB and I hope others will do the same.Verizon isn't available in Brockton and the only reason I am keeping Comcast is because my wife watches some of the cable only shows.My TV has two antenna inputs and I watch the local digital TV shows with an indoor antenna.Now I watch most of my TV shows with Netflix and Hulu with Playon a great product.Please file those complaints.I consider this a rate increase.
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