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Thumbs up Re: Jeff Beck Blow By Blow on SACD - Glorified Porn Music or GENIUS?

I don`t get the purple pants reference, but I did not know Jeff beck until, Blow by Blow. A very good record, I thought back in the day.

As far as jazz/fusion goes, what I listened to was excellent. Miles Davis with the Bitches Brew classic LP, started it off. Then, there was Billy Cobham, Lenny White, Stanley Clarke, Al Dimeola, Jean Luc Ponty (one of my favorites, wish he was on SACD/DVD - A, or AIX!!!), Return to Forever, Mahavishnu with John McLaughlin, David Sancious, Wendell Irvine, and of course Weather Report, the late Jaco Pastorious, and Herbie Han****. And, others of course.
Great classic material probably never to be heard again. Its this material that needs to be reproduced on high rez music.
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