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Default OF COURSE IT MATTERS!!!!! Re: Break-in period fo CD player...myth or reality ?

Doesn't the laser diode need the time to collimate the atomic crystalline silicone structure for increased coherency and optical density? Doesn't anyone care about quality burn-in anymore? A pox on all the bourgeois home theater cretins out there!

For $500, you can mail your CD and Blu-Ray players to me (triple packing in Egyptian cotton, and anti-static wraps), and I will ensure they are burned-in properly for 200 hours, in an HVAC controlled environment, with pure conditioned power under a pyramidal ceiling home theater laboratory. No burn-in will last longer than six hours a night. Seriously, that's less than minimum wage!!! My prices will have to increase in time, so get in NOW.

Please also send your favorite discs so that the molecular memory of your circuitry will ensure flawless, nay, enhanced, playback when the unit is returned to your home. Remember, it's not just the TIME of burn-in, but the content QUALITY, too. There is no way I'm burning-in a quality Blu-Ray player with substandard "B" movie content without DTS or Dolby soundtracks, as 2.0 stereo signals will just bypass critical acoustic circuitry, and render your player's audio output as bland, shrill, empty and lacking "warmth".
Note: discs are not returnable, as the optical pitting will be slightly chamfered on a sub-atomic level, and may cause random, but possibly perceptible optical and video drop-out. My expertise is knowing almost exactly when this happens, and it just happens to be around 200 hours of playback... there is no way you would want a used Blu-Ray disc back. It's fit for the dumpster after aiding in a quality burn-in. Re-using discs is for the middle-class videophile "wanna-be" and "noobs"... don't be one of *those*, and I won't let you. I'm your friend.

Folks, this is all makes sense on a quantum physics level... each atom of the transistor and IC-Video chip and audio decoder pathways are "self-aware", and know what is playing in all parts of the unit... your player has feelings (in a quantum physics, kind of way, mind you). I just can't stand folks that don't understand this... but I'm patient and kind and will help you. Obviously, you know what just makes common sense and of course, this does.

PM me for payment and mailing information.

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