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Default Re: Madden 08 Sells 1.8 Million Units

I disagree, the reason it sells so much is because it sells on all platforms (PC, PS2, PS3, 360 & Wii) and they have an exclusive contract with the NFL, so they are the only game in town if you like the NFL.

Football games were much better when 2K sports had a competing title, now it's just a roster update & a few little updates each year & EA just rakes in the cash because all the sheep buy this recycled game every year.
Most video game reviews only give Madden an average score.
I haven't bought this game in years & won't until they actually give me something new!

Video games have outsold music for years & they are also outselling movies.
Obviously quality has nothing to do with it!

You want to see big sellers wait till Halo 3 & Gran Turismo 5 come out (Gran Turismo 4 sold almost 9 million copies!), they will sell millions of copies as well as hundreds of thousands of consoles.
The Halo 3 pre orders are already at 1.5 million & is still a month from it's release date

In case you didn't know the Video game market is HUGE!
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