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Default Edge Effects on LED Backlit LCD TV's

I've just started looking into the different display technologies in preparation for buying a new set in the near future. One thing I've noticed with all or nearly all of the LED backlit LCD TV's I've looked at is that all the images seem to suffer from an unnatural separation of images in the foreground and the background. It's tough to describe, but it almost looks like bad green screening with a halo setting the foreground image apart from the background. I even viewed this on animated material which made me think the issue is not with source or playback device.

Can anyone help me understand what I'm seeing? I'm inclined to think this is a technology issue but I realize it could very well be excessive edge enhancement processing trying to create a super-sharp image. Before I start looking I'd love to know if there are certain features I need to disable prior to evaluating a given set, or in this case an entire technology.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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