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Thumbs up Re: Which Isaac Hayes SACD is better?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Hot Buttered Soul:

Soundtrack From Shaft:
Isaac Hayes Shaft SACD review

This is a tough call. The SACDs are better sounding than the CDs. BUMMER these aren't remastered into surround but glad to have them on SACD for stereo.

What is your vote?
Wow, that is some review on both albums Jerry. I don`t know how I originally missed them. But, I was just looking at them on musicdirect, about two weeks ago. This is a hard one to figure. To me, Hot Buttered is an all time classic. The first record of its type really. With the long minute songs (a la the disco era) and of course Ike`s rap, arrangements, and balladier singing. Shaft, I mean, what can you say about that. My parents took myself and my younger sister to Harlem, then out to dinner to see it. I`ll always remember that experience. The music, once again is stellar. My favorite, the beautiful Cafe Regio. They are both winners, with Shaft of course being originally a 2 record lp, has more music, but to choose a winner...........

I`ll get back to you after I purchase them.
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