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Default Matching receiver for speaker

Hi All
After a long search I finally zeroed in on some Floor Standing speakers (Canton Vento 890DC). I loved the audition and was looking forward to buying a pair when I saw this mentioned in the specifications

Nom./ Music power handling 180 / 340 watts

Does this mean I need a really powerful AV receiver to drive these speakers and if so what model should I look for? Or should I look for AV separates? My budget is around $ 2000. If I use a AV receiver like the Cambridge Audio Azur 650R which has Power Output as below, will it cause clipping or damage my speakers
7 x 100 watts rms per channel, 8 ohms (all 7 channels driven)
2 x 120 watts rms per channel, 8 ohms (two channels driven)

I really would appreciate your help. My requirement is 60% Music and 40% movies. I would be using the system mainly in 5.1 mode.

Thanks for your responses
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