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Default Re: Hi-res Discs and Downloads

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post

Personally, I'd just like to see ALL Hi-Rez audio enthusiasts unite behind a single mantra:

We want "music only" titles on HD-DVD and Blu-ray, to augment our collection of movies and videogames. And all we're asking for, is that the best titles in every genre, be re-released with the highest resolution possible, in 2.0 (and 5.1, when feasible)... plus, the finest "extras" that you can add into each disc.
As the first producer who released HD DVD-Audio album I am in force to agree with you regarding capabilities of physical HD media in terms of the future for Surround Music.
The major advantage for HD DVD and Blu-ray that system for delivery of High Definition Multichannel Music is already in place. The high quality Surround Sound set-up is essential part of HD Experience and most of people who are buying HD DVD and Blu-ray players are interested in Sound Features like Dolby TruHD and DTS-HD as well as to have the music material to fully take advantage of it.
In addition in my projects I am providing listeners with High Definition Visuals in the form of slide-show to complement audio experience creating ambient visual background for surround music that many people just enjoying to be surrounded during home theater Movie event or to have non disturbing Audio-Visual environment in High Definition.
Based on my personal experience as a producer of these New Titles I see the great potential for Surround Music on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.
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