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Smile Re: Best mono-block amplifiers.


Well, this is certainly a great discussion here. I loved Mark Levinson amplification when I first heard them with Proac bookshelf speakers. Remember those? But, as you know Andrew, dream or otherwise, please send me a pair on McIntosh blue - VU metered monoblock amplifiers from Binghamton. And I`ll be very satisfied and the dream fulfilled.

Now, as much as I do not want to go there either, kennyt you know!! I heard those same Bel Cantos at HE2007 with those Joseph Audio speakers and loved it. Also thru the bookshelf speakers with a laptop as a source!! Smooth, excellent sound. And yes, their footprint is without question a plus.

Now, Andrew, your are right. kennyt, you need to have me and Andrew over to hear those 5 Levinsons. That is just crazy!! With these new amps coming and your slew of digital sources, you are the man!!!!!!!!!
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