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Cool Re: Sony KDS-R60XBR1 SXRD Rear Projection HDTV Review

I picked up the 50" version of this set in Oct of 05, I was very happy with it.
It was my first venture into HDTV & I did a lot of research before buying it.

I waited until I needed to replace my old SD TV (50" Hitachi Ultravision) before buying a HDTV, to say I was underwhelmed with the sets in the stores was an understatement, the Sony was the best in my eyes but not what I expected.
Then I got it home & put on a set of "Rabbit ears" & got a good clean strong HD signal, that's when the wow factor kicked in (I'm now getting my HD thru a DirecTV HR20 HD+DVR).

The stores running 50 TV's on one cable feed just don't do these sets justice!!

Well this year I decided that 50" wasn't big enough, I don't strech 4:3 SD shows so the pic was smaller than I was used to.

So the 50" XBR1 went to my parents house & I picked up a 70" XBR2.
My parents went from a 27" CRT set that was 10 years old to the XBR1 so needless to say they are loving it!
The XBR1's picture quality is just as good as my XBR2's but I'm lovin the extra 20"!
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