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Default Break-in period fo CD player...myth or reality ?

I have read on many Audio Forums on the Web that a break-in period is required to obtain better results with audio equipment.

I agree that a break-in period is necessary for speaker in general and sub-woofer as their suspension and cone needs to move to get flexibility and therefore a better sounding loudspeaker.

I also believe that an amplifier needs break-in but is it really necessary for a CD Player ?

Is it an urban legend or a myth that circulate on the web mainly for Cambridge 740C/840C CD Player stipulating 200 hours of break-in absolutely necessity before they sound as they should ?

I'm looking for a technical explanation based on facts on why a CD player needs 200 hours of break-in before it sounds good.

The reason I'm asking is :

1- it seems to be the same information ciculating on the Web about the Cambridge's 740C/840C needs 200 hours of break-in and I'm in the process of buying either one

2- yesterday I listened to a Cambridge 840C vs a Rega and the Rega Apollo sounded much better on a A to B comparison and I wonder if it has to do with break-in not being done on the Cambridge.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to discreditate what is written on the Web I just need to validate the iinformation based on facts as I never read a CD Player User Manual saying it needs such a break-in period.

Hoping to get a technical answer, thanks.

Note: Granted there's an technical explanation, can you please provide a procedure on how to break-in a CD Player...put a CD in the Player and go on repeat for 200 hours with interconnect cables to the amplifier with the volume set at what level ???

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