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Default Re: New System New Problem

I have a new sytem:
VTL tube amp
VTL pre-amp
Adcom CD/DVD Player
I'm still using my 2C Vandersteen speakers

I have my TV hooked up to the Pre-Amp and I get a buzz (not loud, I can only hear it when the sound is turned down) from both speakers. The high-end company who installed it has tried everything, even small in-line filter between the cable and the TV Cable box but nothing works.

So here's the question:

Although Power Conditioners are not "made" to correct ground problems I'm wondering if they ever do? The company that sold me this new stereo system suggests I buy the Furman - Elite 15PF - i - Power Conditioner anyway and it just "might" get rid of the buzz as well.

Any experience, opinions or comments?
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