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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Sorry, all - I really was only trying to pick your brains as to my cabling options. When I asked how Blue Jeans cables "sound", I wasn't referring to their audio capabilities, I was just asking whether or not any of you thought they would be adequate for the system components I listed. If you look at them, I'm trying to put together an entry- to mid-level system, so I wouldn't even consider any cabling that claims to dramatically improve the sound, & costs $1,000. I think that cabling, ideally, would neither add to, nor subtract from your sound quality, merely get the signal from one component to another.
Anyway, after reading your responses, I'm convinced that either Blue Jeans or Monster would fill the bill just fine. The total cost would be about $100 for CD to Amp/Receiver to Speakers total.
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