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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by jsound View Post
OK - without joining either side of the obviously hotly-debated issue of expensive vs.budget cabling, given the components
that I listed, how do the Blue Jeans cables sound? Please understand: I can't afford expensive interconnects or speaker wires, so my issue is more of a "which cable in that price range" issue. Thanx for your time.
There are no sides to the expensive vs. budget cable debate, because that's not the debate. There ARE sides to the cables make a difference / cables make no difference debate, and that's the one we are on. If you stand on the cables make no difference side, you look for quality of construction instead of discrete sonic characteristics. if you are on the cables make a difference side, you (obviously) takes someone else's word that one set of cables sound "better" than another, usually with big dollar signs trailing behind.

We in the makes no difference camp posit that, barring defects in physical contact between the connections, with two different sets of cables and two identical sets of speakers and amplifiers, you should hear the same thing. Feel free to acquire several different cable sets and try this yourself. If one sounds better, buy it. If neither one sounds better than the other, buy the cheaper one. It's that simple. The cool thing about reviewing cabling is that there's no pesky volume changes or complex setup like when demoing audio components or speakers. Same signal, same output. Do the cables make any difference?

I suggest you make two trips. One to your local Radio Shack and the other to the local high-end emporium, or for that matter, any Best Buy supplier of Monster cabling. Buy one pair of whichever cable you need (speakers, component interconnect, HDMI cable) from both. Keep the receipts! Now try one, then the other, in your audio system. Invite friends over for a beer and let them listen. Then follow the paragraph above. Once you can see whether there's a difference, you can choose to buy inexpensive cable or expensive cable from other vendors, or just keep what you bought for the initial test.

Good luck!
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