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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by jsound View Post
OK - without joining either side of the obviously hotly-debated issue of expensive vs.budget cabling, given the components
that I listed, how do the Blue Jeans cables sound? Please understand: I can't afford expensive interconnects or speaker wires, so my issue is more of a "which cable in that price range" issue. Thanx for your time.
The only reason the cable issue is hotly debated is the persistence of the centuries long battle between Dark Ages subjective thinking and the objective methodology which ushered in the Age of Enlightenment, some similar to the "Mythbusters" show demonstrations, use of placebos, and double blind testing. Double blind testing pretty much takes care of the BS spread about cables that has been encouraged by the power of suggestion motivated by profit and oneupmanship and other support of Dark Ages mentality.
Blue Jeans cable does not have a "sound", just as no cable has a "sound", which double blind testing results have already proven.
I like them because they are honest, they agree about the cable hype (very refreshing!), use quality materials, will provide custom length cables, offer colored cables (so you can more easily trace cabling), and are reasonable in price. They are not out to con naive, gullible audiophiles, not profiteers. Otherwise, I have heard that has cables which will perform just as well as the super expensive cable, and this has been proven in honest double blind testing, much to the consternation of those who are emotionally devoted to subjective opinion building, i.e. self deluded or misled.
Dave Ladey
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