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Default Re: Advice on a new Plasma purchase.?

The full 1080p 50 inch Pioneer KRP-500M is still being made but it is a "monitor" only (no TV tuner).
It sells for around $1,500 if you shop around.

Panasonic offers the Viera P50S1, P50G10 and P50G15 for around that price range. All 3 use Panasonics newest Neo-PDP display technology and they differ only by "extra" features. (only difference between the G10 and G15 is that the G15 is thinner)

Samsung offers the PN50B550 and PN50B650 (note, the "B" is this years model, and "A" would be last years models). Both use the latest Samsung plasma display technology and they differ also by "extra" features.
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