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Talking Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Originally Posted by Dr.Venkmann View Post
Unless you are fortunate enough to own truly full range speakers you should acquire a quality sub as you are missing a great deal of foundational music information if you do not. I have owned several subs and have settled on the Sunfire Junior MkII as the one for my 15 x 20 living room. Sub(s) take some care and precision to integrate perfectly into the sound field and response of your main speakers but are indispensable if your music runs the gamut down to the final audible octave of 20Hz -- and a surprising amount of orchestral, electronic, new age and rock does have information in that range.

There is also a guttural impact to these bass notes that is missed entirely or distorted by even some so-called full range speakers that may grouse and grumble mightily trying to achieve those notes -- and may do so -- but in their efforts can over-power the room with bass the next ocatve or two upwards giving boominess we all have heard too often at Visions etc.

There is no better cost-effective measure to audibly improve your sound system that to insert a sub. Equal money spent on amps, preamps and sources -- let alone snake-oil high cost cables and cords -- will not improve your sound one iota in comparison. These things may make your system sound different but not better. The sub will make it better. So If your source is capable of grabbing 20Hz and feeding it into your system, you owe it to yourself to hear it and the sophisticated textures it will bring to your collection of music.

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Dr.Venkmann (Ret)
True, especially if you own speakers that have small woofers as so many do nowadays, as they can't hope to reproduce the prodigious bass some music has, and many movie sound effects are lower than 20 hz. Most of the tiny speakers have poor bass, and zero low bass In that case, a subwoofer actually needs to be able to act as a mid and low bass woofer, which is a compromise that hurts the quality of the sound, but otherwise there will be a "hole" in the mid and lower bass frequencies that occur between the upper bass and the subbass frequencies. And, as I have mentioned before on this forum, more than a single subwoofer is better for several reasons, including the reduction of low frequency nodes. Assuming of course, that the subwoofers are properly set up.
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