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Wink Re: Gold connectors - a bad idea, make connections worse?

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Ironically, in the following article, founder and head of Monster Cables, Noel Lee, admits "Gold connectors are a big fallacy." He goes on to state that "you're throwing your money away and asking for problems by using a gold-plated connector." This is because "When you put electricity through a junction of dissimilar metals, there are electrochemical migrations over time that can cause problems." I find this very amusing, since (someone please correct me if I am wrong about this) Monster cable connectors are invariably gold plated. Comments, anyone?
Munster Cables are run by opportunists of the 3rd order! They are just trying to rationalize their way into using an inferior metal on a new line of cables to get out of the high cost of gold. Any high school chemistry graduate can tell you that gold does not corrode so there is no chance of galvanic changes/corrosion being brought about by a copper/gold interface. The the fact that gold is less conductive than copper is also a moot point as the common solders used in virtually every piece of the audio chain are less conductive than copper! Copper to copper is the best but cleaning would be a weekly ritual, a gold/gold interface is the best of conductivity, convenience and predictable electrical behavior over time.
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