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Default Re: Hi-res Discs and Downloads

Originally Posted by henry33 View Post
I'm tired of reading your uninformed words about SACD having failed and music in surround no longer being available. There have been over 4000 SACD releases internationally - does that sound like it has failed? There are plenty of titles worth investing in. Nearly all are multichannel. DVD-Audio has failed for the most part. Sure, the majority of releases are of the classical genre and that's unfortunate, but classical audiophiles who are into SSFM (Surround Sound For Music) are happy as clams.
Hello, John... long time no see!

It's great to see that you are still very passionate about Classical Music... but I'm sure that you also clearly understand the bigger picture.

As of the latest industry totals, Classical Music represents only 2.4 % of total record sales in the US... which means that 97.6% of Americans would have a hard time agreeing that SACD is a whopping success.

Personally, I'd just like to see ALL Hi-Rez audio enthusiasts unite behind a single mantra:

We want "music only" titles on HD-DVD and Blu-ray, to augment our collection of movies and videogames. And all we're asking for, is that the best titles in every genre, be re-released with the highest resolution possible, in 2.0 (and 5.1, when feasible)... plus, the finest "extras" that you can add into each disc.

Holst/The Planets in SACD is great... but so is Jimi Hendrix/Electric Ladyland, in uncompressed 24/96 5.1 surround!


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