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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I will only post once to this thread and then never again, well, I hope not to...

The reason being is this debate about cables is a very old one, and one that has strong supporters on both sides. People argue vehemently for their side often at the expense of others.

I am an rarity in this argument, well at least a minority....

I started out believing as this author that wire is wire and shouldn't matter. Then I started playing with different wires, power cords etc and realized they clearly did make a difference, so now I am on the other side, so to speak. This didn't happen overnight, it was a slow and arduous journey with much trial and error, but in the end, I do believe in cables affecting sound.

This is my 0.02 FWIW, I will now leave and hope the rest of you play nice in my absence!

I too believe that cables do make different sounds. That is not the same as better sound. To my horror and embarrassment in a double blind testing of cables put on by the audio club in my town; time after time I could not tell the stock interconnect from the $1500 ones I used. I failed miserably at determining which power cord was which and only in the test against the smallest gauge speaker wire was their and audible improvement by a more expensive wire. No. My ears have been tested and are above average in their capabilities for my age. I have been selling two 5 gallon pails full of expensive audio cables from every high-end weasel that lead me into that slippery world of audio 'placebo effect'. You believe in improvement? You find improvement.

If tou want the best measurable and audible interconnects you can buy try Cable Connections Digital Coaxial cables for ALL interconnect needs. No wire - no matter the expense - has better shielding and presents a better signal than a coaxial, something that all physicists know. They cost $40 a pair! Also no power cord can magically alter the current that has ttravelled through common copper for hundreds of miles. There is no magic 6 feet. Different? Yes. Better? Highly unlikely.
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