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Exclamation Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by jsound View Post
Still building the system, so the cable issue is an important one to me. I have a Cambridge Audio 640C v2 CD player, & I'm
looking at the Harmon-Kardon HK3390, Cambridge 640A, or the NAD 326BEE driving Polk Audio RTiA1's. I don't think that I need
the real high-end cabling, as it would probably not make that much of a difference, but I think this system is good enough for decent cables. Someone suggested Blue Jeans Cables - good sound at a budget price... going by the equation that cabling should cost about 1/10th of the total system, these fit right in.
Any other ideas, comments, suggestions?
Anyone who asserts that cabling should cost about 10% of the system cost is simply providing a false reference that they figure will encourage a customer to spend money on expensive cables that have a high profit margin. When you buy a car, do you use such an arbitrary figure based on the price of the car? If tire dealer could, they would love such a reference, and sell $4000.00 worth of tires for a $40,000.00 car, and the tires would likely be in very pretty colors, with impressive, esthetic names. The main difference being that the $4,000.00 tires would probably be noticeably better quality than the $400.00 tires.

In the case of cables, NO one has been reliably able to tell the difference in double blind testing between super expensive cables and even inexpensive cables of decent quality, try as they might. Pretty embarrassing for those who INSIST they can hear the difference, yet, whenever they had the opportunity for a true double blind test, they simply could not differentiate between any of the cables in a reliable way. All of this becomes an expose of the power of subjective thinking, especially when adulterated by the power of suggestion, a VERY powerful and underestimated influence, and proves that the only known way to really find the truth is to undergo proper double blind testing.
Such rigorous double blind testing, which removes bias, hope, fear, anxiety, choice, prejudice, power of suggestion, from the equation, so the listener has no choice but to make his/her choice. Sad to say for those who are stubbornly biased, they seldom pick the most expensive cable, or even expensive cable, and if by chance they do, a second round will undo them, showing the pick was by chance. Sometimes the person we can fool most easily is ourselves, especially when there is someone to provide suggestions to insert bias for profit. Given more chances to pick, all that has happened in such tests is that the picks average out so show that no one could really pick any favorite cable reliably.
In fact, a double blind test was made using a number of speaker wires, from super expensive all the way down to coat hangers welded together. After the tests were done, no one picked any cable, including the coat hangers, with any reliability, all sounded the same, even the coat hangers. Reality can be ugly, and cheap.
The result is proof that simply buying decent quality cable at a sane price is fine. A website called monocable does have as good a cable as the most expensive on earth, as does Blue Jeans Cable. I do buy some Blue Jeans Cables because they are fairly reasonable, do have quality products without insane greed prevailing, have been honest enough with me to acknowledge the truth of the foregoing, will provide custom length cables so I don't have cables drooping all over, and also provide colored cables so that I don't have to trace a cable using "braille", which is important to me as I have separate components in a 9.1 system.
As I have done before, I dare and double dare anyone to take ah honest and proper double blind test and truthfully say that they could actually tell any difference between any interconnects or speaker wire as long as the tested wires are not actually defective. And that includes "oxygen free" cables. I dare ya! Dave Ladely email:
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