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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by jsound View Post
Still building the system, so the cable issue is an important one to me. I have a Cambridge Audio 640C v2 CD player, & I'm looking at the Harmon-Kardon HK3390, Cambridge 640A, or the NAD 326BEE driving Polk Audio RTiA1's. I don't think that I need the real high-end cabling, as it would probably not make that much of a difference, but I think this system is good enough for decent cables. Someone suggested Blue Jeans Cables - good sound at a budget price... going by the equation that cabling should cost about 1/10th of the total system, these fit right in. Any other ideas, comments, suggestions?
I. for one, don't believe you need to spend 10% of the cost of your system to buy good cables. I especially don't think that's true if you're spending $5,000+ on your gear. I kinda feel that your cable budget should be $200-400 max, depending on the number of peripherals. Heck, consider used wire. Let someone else's misfortune (or stupidity) save you money!

And the best cable advice I could give anyone...don't buy a 10' cable if a 2' cable would do. Costs skyrocket as cable length gets longer, and sound quality goes down (eventually) as resistance increases.

Good luck!
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