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Default Re: New Olive OPUS 307s Music Server

From the Enjoy the Music website news

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We have it on good word that Linn will be debuting their high performance Akurate Music Server, claimed by Linn to be the world's best sounding, highest performance music server offering 8 channels of stereo and full bandwidth CD quality playback at CEDIA. With music stored remotely on a standard networked hard drive array (NAS), music lovers can enjoy unlimited storage capacity and peace of mind from a secure, reliable, flexible and upgradeable solution. The Akurate Music Server allows concurrent access by up to 8 users, so is ideal for use in multi-room distributed audio systems. The compact, rack-mountable Akurate Music Server can be controlled by a third party device via RS232 or Ethernet (e.g. AMX or Creston). Linn will also be unveiling their new reference-standard source component the Klimax DS. The Klimax DS is the "first authentic hi-fi product to stream digital music over a standard home network" says Linn. In true Linn fashion with 'the source comes first', the Klimax DS sets an ultra-high performance standard by "retrieving more information from the network than any other Digital Music Player" claims Linn. These are indeed bold claims and if Linn's history is any indication, they may have a right to brag. Enjoy the has reviewed many Linn products including their Classic integrated amplifier (here), Kan monitors (here), Katan loudspeaker (here), Sizmik 10.25 subwoofer (here), Sizmik 12.45 subwoofer (here), and Adikt MM cartridge (here).
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