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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by Steve Bruzonsky View Post
Exactly, a $400 receiver is going to decode DD/DTS the exact same way a $30,000 theta will.
Steve -
I'm confused about why you started this thread. Looking at your posts on the PS Audio forum, you posted the following about the PerfectWave Transport and PerfectWave DAC versus other products:
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Steven Bruzonsky

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AVS is AVS and I’m a big guy that can take their crap at times. HA!

The verdict is in!!!@@@

#1 PS Audio PWT and PWD to Six Shooter


#2 PS Audio PWT to Theta CB3 using latter’s Extreme DACs

I’ve played around a bit with cables, accessories, etc. My configuration now is on the bottom a Symposium Ultra platform, then a set of three Symposium rectangular “cubes” (I tried Symposium Rollerblocks, but didn’t like them primarily because the components on top rolled some and weren’t stable enough), then the PWT, then on top of the PWT the PWD (with its rubber feet screwed off, the PWD fits on top of the PWD like they were one component, as that is how they are designed), then a 3/8 thick Symposium Svelte Shelf, then on top of the shelf a Bright Star Little Rock weight. I settled on 1M Granite Audio balanced interconnects from PWD to Six Shooter preamp. 2M Cardas Neutral Reference balanced digital cable from PWT to CB3. Granite Audio power cords plugged into PS Audio Premier Power Plant not using the Multiwave feature (like the regular sine wave better musically in general). The I2S HDMI cable between the PWT and PWD is a Blue Jeans Cable 1 foot Belden Series F-2 (in a few week’s PS Audio’s silver HDMI 1M cable will arrive and I will try it out).
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so on your earlier comments on this forum, you've said that cables differences are subjective and, I believe, discounted another person's comments that they heard a difference, yet on the PS Audio site you are talking about switching out cables and hearing a difference.

As quoted above, you say that a $400 receiver is going decode DD/DTS the same as a Theta (and implying that they sound the same), yet you own a Theta CB-3 and Six Shooter which, depending on the configuration can cost almost $30K. So I guess you're saying that you like paying a lot for "audio jewelry" if it all sounds the same?

You've repeatedly said that all electronics sound the same and DBT would prove it, yet looking at the things you've done with your PWD versus the Theta DACs, it appears that you believe otherwise.

You also told me on the PS Audio discussion forum that I would hear a difference if I bought a 2-channel preamp instead of listening to my Onkyo Pro PR-SC886P and you used your use of the Theta Six Shooter as an example (good advice here, I did! and I also improved the sound by getting a PWD myself instead of using the 886P's DACs).

I can't tell if you're truly trying to have a spirited discussion by starting this thread or you were any rate, your comments on this thread versus the one at PS Audio seem very contradictory.

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