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Question Why are Manufactures dragging their feet with HDMI?

I've been wanting to replace my current HT reciever with one that has HDMI, right now without spending a boatload of cash it's hard to find any recievers with more than 3 HDMI inputs.
I need 4 HDMI inputs right now & would expect to need a couple of more in the near future.
All the recievers have 6 or more composite & S/Video inputs, what's up with that??
In the $1.5-$2K price range that I'm shopping in who is going to need that many composite or S/Video inputs?
Myself I only need 1 S/Video & that's because my old VCR is the only piece of equipment in my rack that has a clock so I haven't pulled it out yet.

I understand Sherwood Newcastle is going to have a reciever with 6 HDMI inputs but not till August & the nearest dealer is 150 miles from me!!

Also what is the hold up with HDMI 1.3 recievers?
The specs were set a year ago & still nothing.

I don't want to have to upgrade my reciever every year so I'm kind of in limbo waiting on the manufactures.
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