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Default Re: OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player

The only way to know for sure if these upgrades are all that amazing is to listen for yourself. Unfortunately, I don't think that you can get an audition short of actually purchasing a unit. I was disappointed in the standard BDP-83's audio, especially thru the HDMI connection. The analog out sounded better, but not on par with my DV9600. I wish there were some way to audition an upgraded player before sending my unit in and hoping that the improvements will be worth it. I purchased the BDP-83 based on a number of reviews touting it as a giant killer. I think the reviewers were too kind as It didn't kill my giant. Now, even though the standard unit has had glowing reviews, Oppo decides that an upgrade will make it much better? If the standard unit has been compared favorably with units costing 2 to 3 times its price, where will the upgraded version fall in the pecking order?

There is one thing that Oppo could do that would have me ordering an upgrade immediately. Provide support for uncompressed/lossless WAV/FLAC files via the USB interface. I don't quite understand why DVD-A (MLP) is the only lossless format supported. Is it because it's near impossible to find a reasonably priced program that can rip to it? I also don't understand why they would support MP3 and WMA at all. I just can't see someone purchasing a BDP-83 so that they can listen to compressed audio!

If any readers of this forum know of any software (shareware preferred) that can convert WAV to DVD-A or directly rip a CD to DVD-A please post it in this forum AND send an email to Oppo requesting support for other uncompressed formats via the USB port, especially for the SE version. The ability to use the player as a DAC should appeal to a large audience. After all, we already have DACs in our receivers/pre-pro's and in our disc players. Do we really have to purchase another one so that we can listen to files downloaded from HDTracks and other Hi-rez providers? I assume that I'm not the only person who thinks that connecting a USB hard drive to the Oppo is preferable to booting up a computer every time one wants to listen to music.

All that being said, as a Blu-Ray player this thing rocks! It loads fast and DTS Master and Dolby HD sound tracks are awesome! The AIX Blu-Ray sampler sent with the unit demonstrates the format as being the one capable of replacing CD and SACD. I definitely intend to add some AIX BD's to my library.
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