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Default Pre amp to amp connection

Hello, this is my first post and I am a low voltage contractor, primarily data, video and voice structured cabling. I came across a commercial audio job, 18 speaker (non dual voice coils) with 9 volume controls (each volume controls 2 speaker).

I am using an 8 channel amp and a 12 channel amp, all speakers are wired in a homerun fashion (each channel in the amp has a +/- going to each volume control, and then each volume control has a +/- going to each speaker). This may sound like a waste of speaker wire, but it has been pulled and connected.

The problem is that the client wants mono played out of each speaker.

The plan I have is to use the current NAD 7020i amp/receiver/tuner (I know, old but good) that he has and use the pre-out to connect to the 2 amps. In essence, I am only using the NAD as a receiver/tuner (bypassing the amps) and using line out to the real amps. Problem is, I need to split the stereo sound into mono to both amps.

I've been told that I can use a stereo to mono cable from the NAD line out, and then split the mono signal into 2 using a y cable to the "L" channel of each amp. The 2 amps have linking capabilities to share the same source with all channels.

Does anyone see a problem with this set up? Thanks for your consideration.
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