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Cool Re: Notes on Review of McCartney's Memory Almost Full

Prince Charles:

Your premise of my fear of reprisal or getting whupped by the subject of a negative review must be a projection of your own experience upon my own. I don't share that fear, probably because it never happened.

In particular, I fear no former Beatle, nor did I ever entertain ever having any direct contact with him. I would have said BFD, but I thought c'est la vie would be a little more appropriate given the readers here.

But thanks for stepping up to defend me from bullies. Where the &$)*&%+@% were you when I was in the 5th grade, and suffered more than psychic damage?!?

Of course, you know I know the value Lennon brought to the Fabs, and the quality of his post-Fabs solo stuff. Even at its worst, his filler and a lot of his unreleased stuff were better than most A-line stuff from the others, as further confirmed by listening to his personal archives as the original producer of "The Lost Lennon Tapes" series (the first 128 hour-long shows, early 1988 to mid-1990 [much-bootlegged -- f**k you very much], after which everything was a hack-job rehash by others I will not name here).

As noted in my "Memory Almost Full" review, part of Macca's post-Beatles problem was not having someone like Lennon as a sounding board, collaborator and editor. Someone to add a little weight. Someone he trusted enough to follow his/her advice: "Paul, that's a load of bollocks. Roll the tape back over it. What else ya got, mate?" Apparently, no one since Lennon has had the cojones to play that role effectively.

You reffed Wings' "Band on the Runs" album; my nickname for it was "Bland on the Run." But we digress. Going from lightweight to lame to barely listenable is not the direction we'd like to see such an icon go. Like Frank Sinatra -- dude, call it a career, go out swingin'.

McCartney's still a killer live, as of the "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" tour a couple years ago and his promo set at Amoeba in Hollywood in June 2007 (as reported by close personal friends of yours), with a great band and an unparalleled body of work from which to choose; most of his players are young enough to be his kids or grandkids, but they know every Beatles riff and must have some sense that they're responsible for echoing some very precious memories.

And what was the name of that band in the Land of (Dis-)Enchantment that almost gave you a wedgie?

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