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Default Re: OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player

The current edition of The Absolute Sound contains an interesting advertisement by Oppo Digital announcing The Special Edition BDP-83 with all new DAC's by ESS Technologies. I've emailed Oppo in an attempt to get more info but as of yet I have not received a reply. This is the press release from ESS Technologies

I visited Oppo's web site and could find nothing relating to a 'Special Edition'. Has anyone else seen or heard when these will be available for purchase?

I'm hoping that they will provide a chance for those of us who purchased the original BDP-83 to upgrade. I'm not all that impressed with the sound of the analog output in comparison with that of the Marantz DV9600. If these new DAC's can improve the CD playback then it will be the universal player that pushes the Marantz out of the home theater and into the bedroom!

Well, how do you like that? I post this and go to the Oppo web site and find the BDP-83SE! I'm a little miffed that this thing seems to have come in under everyone's radar. Had I been aware that Oppo was planning an improved BDP-83 I would have waited for it. I've only had mine for 60 days or so.

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