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Default Computer to Denon

Hey guys.

I just built a shuttle computer to set next to my Tv gear and have a little trouble getting everything to work..

I have the computer going HDMI to my Denon....and the Denon is going HDMI to the TV that now only acts like a monitor for everything.. (Tv, DVD, etc etc)

The shuttle was a blank machine and have installed XP on it..and believe all the driver are installed correctly. As I type this now I have the computer showing up on the TV, going through my Denon, but a couple things.....

1. I'm not getting any sound and believe I have set the Denon up correctly.. (as I'm seeing things opn the TV via HDMI)

2.The resolution is horrible and when I use the roller in the mouse its spotty and slow...

I'm terrible at all of this and could use some help..

Thank you..

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