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Default Re: Best mono-block amplifiers.

Damn Ken. Five mono-blocks. I want to come over to your house, make some popcorn and watch your electric meter spin as your neighbors come out of their houses wondering why their lights never work when you're home.

I'm not one to talk, I'm rockin a McIntosh 7 channel amp at the moment. However, the new BelCanto mono blocks simply ROCK! I'm quickly discovering the beauty of digital amplification. I have a BelCanto integrated at the moment and it goes toe to toe with my Levinson 433 and 326s in terms of performance. I didn't want to believe it at first and there are a few trade offs on both sides but overall it is a stunner and well worth the money. Not to mention it has a USB and killer built in DAC.

I dunno, as much as five Levinsons sounds appealing I may stick with my multi-channel amps and go 5 BelCantos. Seriously.

I have to hear your rig the next time I'm in FL.
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