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Default Paul McCartney's new album! "Good Evening New York City" live!

Well he’s doing again it folks! Paul’s coming out with a 3-disc cd/dvd standard edition and a 4-disc deluxe version with a bonus dvd of his live performance “Good Evening New York City!” I really can’t believe the longevity of this man. It really shows the true merit of a musician when they are able to continue on in their music career year after year, decade after decade and produce quality music. As far as I can tell, McCartney has been a rock throughout his career. After everything with The Beatles, the tragic death of some of those members and even the personal battles we don’t know about, Paul McCartney’s music is reaching a status that is sure to continue to leave a profound historical mark on music worldwide. The man seems unstoppable! I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the show in New York, but there is no way that I’m going to miss out on this combo phenomenon! Is anyone else on board with me here? This is a monumental purchase right? Perfect for all us fans of The Beatles and Paul!
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