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Default New Olive OPUS 307s Music Server

Olive introduces new OPUS 307S. Increases value of free CD Preload service.

-Increasing its product range around its award-winning OPUS pure audio systems, Olive Media Products today
announced a new OPUS NO3 featuring a 250GB hard drive with perpendicular
recording technology delivering lower power consumption, higher storage density,
improved long-term reliability and super quiet operation. This completes the
adjusting of product lines, focusing on the category defining OPUS system. Going
forward the Olive Symphony and Musica will be referred to as OPUS NO3, the
top-of-the-line OPUS as OPUS NO5.
The new hard drive holds more than 700 CDs in lossless quality, and is the
industry's largest capacity drive in a 2.5" form factor. Pushing the edge on long
term hard disk reliability, the OPUS 30
7S takes advantage of a special
technology that parks the recording heads off the disk surface during spin up,
spin down and when the drive is off. This ensures that the recording head never
touches the disk surface, resulting in less head wear and an improved non-
operational shock tolerance. Additionally, the new hard drive technology features
state-of-the-art seeking algorithms reducing operational noise to as low as 26
dBA. The noise emission is further improved by the OPUS' fanless design, making
it virtually inaudible within the home stereo environment.
Furthermore, Olive today announced new CD limits for its popular Preload CD
importing service. Olive Preload rips existing CDs and converges them into a
unified digital music library that is loaded "ready-to-enjoy" onto an Olive pure
audio system. Customers can now send Olive up to 300 CDs to be preloaded for
free onto their music center, a service valued at $250. Any size music library is
with extra CDs preloaded at competitive rates. The combination
of Olive's OPUS pure audio systems with its free Preload service has received wide
press recognition for providing customers with a convenient one-stop solution to
migrate their CD collections to high quality music library at their fingertips.
Olive's OPUS 305S with 160GB sells for US$1,199, the new OPUS 307S 250GB
version for $1,699. All solutions are sold exclusively through Olive
Jerry Del Colliano
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