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Question Re: home stereo audio system, advice

So I got the Energy C-200 speakers ( and the TEAC cr-h227i receiver/cd player ( I have them connected with monster xp cable

Label: NW . Compact Precision Stranded High Resolution Speaker Cable with Magnetic Flux Tube and LPE Dielectric
- Iím not sure what gauge they are though, the diameter of the copper is about 2mm, so the SA is 3.14 mm2

Should I get better cable?

Also, I would like to know which connection method you recommend. I was thinking banaplugs adapters to easily plug them in the back of the receiver and speakers. At the moment they are hooked up with bare wire. The connectors on both the receiver and the speakers are 5 way binding post.

Also, do you both with bi-amplification or bi-wire? My speakers can do that although my receiver has only two channels each with 1 positive and 1 negative output.
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