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Default Re: First EVER!!! surround sound system.....what do I need?

Go to They have a store. The store currently has an EMP Tek speakers 5.0 setup for $200. Buy this setup. If they are out of stock go to the internet and look for EMP Tek. There are a couple of other dealers with the same price. This has free shipping, so no additional cost. It is actually 5 center channel speakers but you place four of them vertically on stands for your fronts and surrounds. Go to for your subwoofer. They have a 10" sub for $150 that will more than satisfy your needs. Again, free shipping. I would buy the entry level Onkyo or Denon receiver. Either one will do the job well. That should be about $200 +/-. Go to for your speaker, subwoofer, and HDMI cables. They also have really inexpensive wall mounts for your television if you want to go that way. I would get the Panasonic DMP-BD60K Blu-ray player, you can pick one up for under $150. Total you are looking right around $750 including cables. This will blow away any HTIB system. Good Luck.
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