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John Paul Ahn
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Default Re: Recommendations for a Pre-Amp needed

here's my thinking...
if i could afford the D2, i'd buy that firstover the sunfire tgpV, no question. unfortunately, that's not the case. i know i can afford a used D1 and later when i can afford another $2000 do the upgrade (from what i understand anthem essentially changes and adds whatever is necessary to make the D1 into a D2 including the processors and the hdmi switching). i'd basically would be finishing with a D2 but an ultimate savings of about $1000-$1500.

i guess what i'm asking is if this is ultimately a better way to go, because i'm not going to want to change my pre/pro again for quite a while after this.

oh, if it makes any difference, i'll be using the earthquake cinenova amps(unbalanced) to drive the speakers. my front l/r are b&w matirx 801 s3, the center is a b&w nautilus htm-1
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