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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

This DBT nonsense that Ive read here remind me of my worst buying decision.

Many years ago I had an expensive Nakamishi tape deck. One of my friend bought a cheap (100$) no name tape deck and said that it was better than mine. He believed what the salesman told him.

To prove him that he was wrong. We decided, after he asked to the salesman, to bring my Nak to his shop.
We perform, the Stereo Review test, the DBT. I was unable to hear any difference.

I eventually sold my nak and bought that cheap no name ( I think it was Candle or Juliette) player.

I didn't take long extensive listening to figure that something was not the same. Everything was worst, not the same, not better , worst.

This experience with DBT gave me an invaluable lesson.
It can not prove anything about sound quality. Only extensive listening session can do that.( You can even do blind extensive listening session if you wish to.)

p.s. if one's happy with cheap stuff, let those who are happy whit expensive stuff be happy. It's not your money, it's not your happiness.
p.p.s. Nice picture, but they don't prove anything either. It's only like Rolex replica.
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