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Default Hi-res Discs and Downloads

[This relates to your discussion of a week or so ago; I couldn't post sooner due to a hangup in my registration process:]

Yes, Jerry, I agree that both the hi-res SACD/DVD-A format war was an idiotic move on the industry's part, and the current hi-def Blu-ray/HD DVD format war is also an absurd situation. But I'm tired of reading your uninformed words about SACD having failed and music in surround no longer being available. There have been over 4000 SACD releases internationally - does that sound like it has failed? There are plenty of titles worth investing in. Nearly all are multichannel. DVD-Audio has failed for the most part. Sure, the majority of releases are of the classical genre and that's unfortunate, but classical audiophiles who are into SSFM (Surround Sound For Music) are happy as clams. As well as those two-channel diehards with their astronomically-priced stereo-only SACD and universal players.

Your and Gerben Van Duyl's comments about desiring an iTunes equivalent for hi-res music in surround now exists! It's called MusicGiants. Check it out at MusicGiants -- Home AIX Records is also going to be offering their super-hi-res original recordings the same way. I agree that BD and HD DVD aren't the way to go for hi-res music-only albums in surround. I think we have a terrific technology in SACD and as more people are introduced to the downloading of hi-res surround selections instead of lifeless, deadened two-channel audio xeroxes of the original tracks, consumer interest in hi-res surround will expand.

John Sunier
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