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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Originally Posted by Mitchell Erblich View Post
Wow... Don't believe that 2 8" woofers are better than 1 15" woofer. IMO, in general the 15" woofer is going to be able to produce freqs that a 8" can not touch. Again if both can produce this lower extreme freq, ex: 10Hz, then the larger woofer
will be able on a one to one basis be able to produce it at a greater decibel. Now, most subs are designed for sats, and thus will crossover at a directional higher freq. Thus, you need at least 2 subs for the fronts. If you have a 5.1 system you need a third to pick-up the sounds on the .1 channel. Now, if your fronts are in a large room and you want/need more dbs, then you add more subs to keep those lower freqs as your dbs increase. Now, if your subs really do crossover at a directional freq and you sit and stand listening to music / DVD, then stack your subs and you are at 5.

FYI, my main older vintage Infinity IRS Betas stack 4 12" woofers per channel. Plus running two Krell Ref Subs, plus ..

Is way overkilll and can make you physically ill, if a Ref Recording drum CD is playing..
I don't know about being made "physically ill' by a stereo pair of 4 12" speakers, since the Genesis monster $135,000.00 speakers, which were also Arnie Nudell designs, and which had about twice as many very high end 12" speakers, did not come close to making me ill any more than listening to live music does, since they came close to replicating a live performance, whether symphony music, rock, country, or heavy metal. Movie sound effects did come close, however.

I tend to agree about 8" speakers; with their much smaller cone area and their higher resonant frequency, trying to use them as "subwoofers" amounts fighting physics. 15" have lower resonant frequency, but tend to have inertia effects, so I do prefer 12" in multiples, as you mention. If the crossing over is high enough to cause directional effects, then my feeling is that they are being used as subwoofer/woofers rather than true subwoofers. I prefer using woofers as woofers, allowing speakers designed as subwoofers to act as subwoofers and be virtually non directional. I wouldn't stack five subwoofers, but would distribute them, since they would then provide diffraction, reduing nodes. Annie Nudell advised using one subwoofer per speaker.

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