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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Wow... Don't believe that 2 8" woofers are better than 1 15" woofer. IMO, in general the 15" woofer is going to be able to produce freqs that a 8" can not touch. Again if both can produce this lower extreme freq, ex: 10Hz, then the larger woofer
will be able on a one to one basis be able to produce it at a greater decibel. Now, most subs are designed for sats, and thus will crossover at a directional higher freq. Thus, you need at least 2 subs for the fronts. If you have a 5.1 system you need a third to pick-up the sounds on the .1 channel. Now, if your fronts are in a large room and you want/need more dbs, then you add more subs to keep those lower freqs as your dbs increase. Now, if your subs really do crossover at a directional freq and you sit and stand listening to music / DVD, then stack your subs and you are at 5.

FYI, my main older vintage Infinity IRS Betas stack 4 12" woofers per channel. Plus running two Krell Ref Subs, plus ..

Is way overkilll and can make you physically ill, if a Ref Recording drum CD is playing..
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