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Default Bose Lifestyle 28 (Series 1) :(

Hello all. Forum newbie (please go easy on me).

I have a Bose Series 1 Lifestyle 28 home theater system. Ugh, I know. Why? Guess I watch the stupid demo and actually liked being tricked. Anyway, I've always liked the sound of them and the fact that they take up hardly any space at all. So I was recently given a Sony Blue-Ray player and an Denon AVR-1609 Receiver. I would like to use this new Receiver/Player with my current Bose speaker system because I do not have the money to spend on another set of speakers.

Is it possible to use this speaker setup with another receiver? Unfortunately, the connector that goes from the Lifestyle system has a small, round 9-pin (I think) connector on the receiver end, and an Ethernet Cat-5 type of connector goes into the Acoustimass module. Does anyone know of another connector that I could plug into the Bose module that I could connect to the receiver, or am I able to clip the receiver end off and feed the wires into the receiver? The whole wire itself isn't very thick, so I'm thinking that might not be a good idea.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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