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Default Re: Bad Brains Play Los Angeles and Frisco!


While a fan of some BB, and having seen them in NYC at the old Ritz on 12th street, I can say they were a fun show, but that was 1983 or so, and that makes them a minimum of like 50 years old.

Punk is not to be played by older folks... you just don't get the teen angst it needs. Yeah, you can argue The Cramps still put on a good show but I never really thought of them as 'punk', more like agressive rockabilly.

Don't get me wrong, if I was close by I'd go check them out, but several years in the pits of NYC during the days of the Pistols, DOA, CJ's, Black Flag, UK Subs, Exploited etal have likely sated my need for live live punk.

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