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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Originally Posted by finley View Post
If I had the $$, I'd say "Why stop at only two?"...the more the better. One guy had 8 on each, that was awesome lows, but big dollars to buy and to drive.
No doubt! Hope the sound was balanced, unlike nearly all the automobile systems. Arnie Nudel recommended a subwoofer on each channel. Of course, each channel could have shared multiple subwoofers. I would hope the quality was there, too.
And, again, a cost/benefit consideration.
For me, when spending on luxuries that may garner me very little more personal satisfaction than I have obtained, I begin to think about such matters as social justice, the wilderness society, the Sierra Club, local charities, and start donating more. And I think more of such matters whenever I see man-child programs like Monster Truck exhibitions of insanely expensive man-toys, and I wonder about the sacrifices to families, nation, the world that are made in order to waste money and energy to support hundred thousand dollar male ego toys. I never see such childishness in any other country. It must be really fun to keep up with immature ego problems. More is better, greed is good, selfishness is a reward for success, rationalize, justify, all a philosophy of life for those who don't know the meaning of having a philosophy.
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