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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Dave thank you now I understand is that true? I used your explanation to spread the word.
A bit simplified, but the closest analogy that I could find to illustrate the benefits/advantages for multiple subwoofers/speakers.

Overkill would be more relevant for a cost/benefit analysis. I have four subwoofers, front pair, rear pair, due to space/economic reasons. And you could say that i put some of the money saved from the cable/interconnect con game to put it where it would do infinitely more good. I say "infinitely" because any positive over zero equals infinity. I explain this on the interconnect forum, and published a dare of genuine blind testing for anyone to do who persists in their subjective "analysis" and subsequent "conclusions".

That cost/benefit problem also goes for amplifier power, when the 3 db "rule" is considered, whereby a perceptible increase in volume (about 3 db) requires an attendant doubling of power, all other things (distortions) being equal. That problem was my major impetus for being behind the introduction of the 700 watt Phase Linear amplifier in about 1969, a considerable "jump" instead of increase by increments, over the maximum consumer "state of the art" McIntosh and Marantz power amps of 150 watts stereo.

I am fairly happy with the subwoofers and speakers I have, considering the limitations of reality and practicality. Having heard the improvement from four subwoofers, I feel they were a worthwhile improvement. Speaker designer Arnie Nudel (Infinity, Genysis) actually recommended five subwoofers to me some years back. I knew he was right at the time, and proved him right.
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