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Default Re: powerdome VELVET - 2,500,000:1 Contrast Projector for Planetariums and Domed Thea

Originally Posted by rathnasree View Post
Sorry, I had clicked on the Quote button - thinking it would give me a cost estimate for the projector :-)

I am from Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi and am looking for a possible cost estimate of full dome VELVET system for a 15m dome. I am also wondering whether the Powerdome in itself would have the capability of being a full fledged digital planetarium solution in the absence of an optomechanical projector.

We have an old Carl Zeiss optomechanical projector and are wondering about combining this with a VELVET full dome - however, in case the old system fails, we would need to run the planetarium with the digital solution until more budget comes to purchase a new optomechanical projector - which we hope can at that stage be integrated with whatever digital system we purchase now - as a synchronised hybrid planetarium solution.

Rathnasree, Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi, India

The Velvet System is designed to replace your existing Carl Zeiss projector, while offering superior imaging capabilities and show possibilities. Which Zeiss model are you currently using?
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