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Default What CD player to buy - a reader needs advice...

Can you guys add to the advice I gave this reader?


Hi Jerry,
I am updating my home stereo system and have spent months (seriously!)researching the products. It finally occured to me to ask the people in the know! So if you'd be willing to steer me in a direction I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate that.

I'm looking for a new stereo receiver and milti-disc CD player. Music's it for me....won't be into the home theater. I've read so much about the 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC's that it seems I'd need them? Would I need them in the receiver and the CD player?

My aging top-of-the line Onkyo's need replacing. I love the brand though. Would like to keep the receiver cost under $1000 and the CD player maybe under $500.

Any light you could shed would be appreciated beyond your knowing!!!
Thanks a million and for all that you guys do keeping us audio lovers in the know!
Best Regards,
G. Walker
Jerry Del Colliano
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