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Default Re: New 5.1 build up

I agree with Loves2Watch regarding Onkyo receivers. Pick one that meets your budget after paying for speakers and cabling. I really like the Anthony Gallo speakers in my system. I use the A'Diva Ti as surrounds (currently $213 each at with an in-ceiling mount ($32) that makes them almost disappear, while allowing you to direct the sound. Gallo's center and reference speakers that I use would blow your budget at the audiophileliquidator's price of $941 each, but I heard an all A'Diva Ti system at the dealer where I bought mine that sounded excellent. Match with a subwoofer of your choice, such as SVS and you will have money left over. Alternatively, if you have the space and can stand the appearance, use Magnapan ( MMG ($600/pair) and MMG-C ($300) for the front speakers and you'll still have money left over.
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