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Default Re: How far away should I sit from my TV?

If we're talking about a 1080p display that doesn't introduce it's own artifacts (like some early LCD and Plasmas did with excessive screen-door), then you want to be between 1.5 and 1.75 screen-widths away from your screen. This is true for all screen sizes.

My screen (projection) is 8 feet wide, and I sit about 12 feet back. For a screen that's 4 feet wide, sitting 6-8 feet back would be ideal. For a screen that's 3 feet wide, sitting 4.5-5.5 feet back would be ideal. Whatever the size, sitting between @ 1.5 give or take is what you should aim for if your furniture and decorating layout can handle it.

You can sit closer, but you might see the limits of your display's screen and source. You can sit farther, but then you're missing out on the wide-angle experience that can make HD images so immersive.

The old rules of thumb have no bearing with 1080p HD. You had to sit far away from 480i NTSC sets because they looked horrible with aliasing etc. Forget everything you ever heard during the days of NTSC. HD, like film, is meant to be viewed "wide angle" to partially fill your peripheral vision. That's what triggers the "involved" sensation that sitting too far away can't do.

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